Glorious Spring

Whoa………my friends. Stop the clock – the days escape us. The weeks pass. The years… We look in the mirror and somehow see the same unchanging face everyday. Life is very good until that moment when some well intentioned yet mindless, soulless entity snaps a photograph and worse yet shares it with us and in … [Read more…]

Alligator Shoes

Greetings my fellow wanderers as we stumble down this slippery, bumpy, winding path called life. Today is a tale of woe – mostly. It all began shortly before Christmas – another topic to which you may eventually be exposed. For now let’s turn back to a week or two before the holidays when I was … [Read more…]

Joy to The World

Greetings my friends. Deck the halls and fill the air with joyous wonder! It is that time of year once again when the days are short the evenings long and the spirit of the season fills our hearts with happiness and the hope of kindness to all and yes – Joy to the world. This … [Read more…]


Well readers, say what you will about Florida……and many have…..but a notable contingent of northerners, currently wrapped in layers of wool and down, will tell you that this is the place people come to die.  Au contraire my friends – this is where you come to vote!  Susan and I fulfilled our civic duty on … [Read more…]

Too Late

Much  happens, much goes unrecorded and life goes on about its business with or without us so let’s catch up a bit.  I will try to leave out the important stuff and delve deeply into the trivial.  When last I communicated I was on the brink of inspiring a brilliant new technology.  Some of you, … [Read more…]


For many of you within a certain range of birth years,  the word “Limbo” stirs up long ago archived memories of waking up with bruised elbows and preferably undocumented remembrances of the prior evening attempts at trying to bounce, leaning backwards under a broomstick held by well intoxicated friends to the accompaniment of a loud … [Read more…]


Just another Tuesday. Which is a lot like Wednesday. Which precedes Thursday –  traditionally my day off.  Friday is reserved for all those creative, productive, constructive activities that can be a real torment if not managed properly.  Pacing is important also because we are coming into the weekend and want to be well rested. There … [Read more…]

The Sedentary Life

Much to my dismay, we do not lead a sedentary life.  I house a vision of such an existence but it appears to be some ephemeral, synaptic event just beyond the peripheral outreaches of reality….at least for now.  Since retirement, which unbelievably occurred just over two entirely nonproductive years ago, Susan and I have travelled … [Read more…]

Unchained and unhinged

Unchained or perhaps unhinged. Just six weeks ago  we arrived here after a 16 hour trip in a race against those delivering our furniture. We won and so the next chapter begins.  We have many new friends, if that is the word .  They are friends but not in the sense of those we have … [Read more…]


Dear Jane M, I’m  sorry I missed your comment on my last blog and wish now to respond to your query as to the exact location of Florence Point. It may be difficult to locate on a map but once one ventures beyond the  nether-reaches of southern Georgia and enters the land of the geriatric, … [Read more…]