How Bob Saved Christmas

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times………….” To all of you who tune in regularly and also those unfortunate few who do not, I share the deepest and most sincere wish that you are surrounded by friends and family and that your holidays are and will continue to be filled with … [Read more…]

The Season of Joy and Splendor!

The world needs more mistletoe. Perhaps I shall tell you a story in which only the facts have been fabricated…… in their entirety.  Whatever truth lies herein is merely geographical and all else including footnotes, if any, should be regarded with skepticism as well as puzzlement and a generous dose of disbelief. (1) You can take … [Read more…]

12 December 2016

“Rise free from care before the dawn and seek adventure……….” And such an adventure it is!  So much has happened since I last texted, typed and tarried over the keyboard.  So much, and yet so little has changed.  We have new leadership on the horizon!  The half of the country that has been clapping its hands … [Read more…]