Happy Days

Welcome back to days we shall remember. Between the coronavirus, a plunging stock market and a political maelstrom in Washington we can look back fondly on the tumultuous sixties of our youth as an era of relative stability.

There seems to be a shortage of happy news out there so let’s all go to our happy places and find something to laugh about – right after this next paragraph – which also isn’t too bad if you think of it as a scene from Saturday Night Live.

As the democratic candidates almost nightly foam at the mouth, wave frantically to get called upon, stutter and spit venom at not only the current administration but at each other, they have displayed less dignity than would likely be witnessed at a middle school debate. All the devisiveness they have railed against they are now perpetrating within their own party. This allows the the republican party to almost look like the adults in the room. They smugly watch the dems self destruct while in the back room they run roughshod over democracy with their tricycles. We live in interesting times. “It is the best of all possible worlds.” !!!

On to slightly lighter topics – but of no less significance. I’m a little behind but would like to thank all of you who sent Christmas cards. I haven’t sent any in ten or fifteen years but admit it is nice to get them and catch up on the adventures of others. Receiving them also adds an additional burden of guilt which compounds that which I harbor for so many other things – so thank you also for that! The season is so short. If the merchants, as a simple reminder, would start decorating for Christmas just after July 4th it would give me adequate notice that the holidays were approaching and perhaps I could get a few cards out. Maybe next year….. Christmas is not really my favorite holiday anyway and this year was no exception. Of course my mother died peacefully and gracefully just before Christmas after putting in a good 100 years and seven months; but what this Christmas will really be remembered for is the fact that my own family disallowed my use of the word “deathsquirm” in a scrabble game. Some argue that it’s really two words but – does it have to be? Just a little more Christmas spirit on the part of my loved ones could have gone along way in making my spirits bright. After all – what would Jesus do ? It would have been a double word score too……

We’re currently in Reno visiting grandchildren. Yes it’s colder here, and I already have grandchildren in Florida that I could visit but in an overt display of grandmotherhoodom Susan wanted to see how well we would fare with direct exposure to this much talked about coronavirus. My daughter is unconcerned. She works full time and has two children in day care so can’t imagine there’s a bug or virus of any kind that they haven’t already encountered. She says in their prior life they used to go skiing but now just get a season pass at the pediatric office. I do not mean to make light of her concern. She feels strongly that day care does not get cancelled!

So we arrived safely – although our 14 day incubation period has not yet elapsed. Our randomly masked fellow travelers were a mild distraction but more disconcerting was the nearly 1:1 ratio of passengers to emotional support animals, Yes it’s like climbing aboard the Ark. They should have drawn the line at the emotional support pony but ….whatever… So mid flight this guy wearing a mask loses control of his anaconda which created quite a stir and then the only parrot on the plane kept repeating “We’re going down! We’re going down!” which instigated the barking of ALL the emotional support dogs who sensed the increased anxiety of their already emotionally compromised owners. Lots of panic ensued but the upside was a second dose of stale pretzels for everyone – including the parrot. Unfortunately there was no upside for the dog that discovered the loose anaconda.

The only thing worse than sharing one’s seat with a racon is sitting next to other peoples’ children! On our return flight I imagine deboarding with a life threatening illness, fleas at the very least and perhaps both!

Very soon I will tune in to the results of the South Carolina Primary. “We’re going down! We’re going down!!!!” “It’s the best of all possible worlds.” Happy days are here again!!!!!

From the High Sierras,


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  1. tomc


    Actually what you saw on the plane were emotional support humans for traveling animals. Or that is how it seems of late.

    Otherwise, your most recent tone seems to have slipped from heathy skepticism to border line cynicism. This despite the excellent outcome of the South Carolina primary.

    Careful, the grandchildren are listening.

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