1. Tom Colbert

    Congratulations on the 40 years. Not being a believer in fate, and thus believing how much different a life can be from the simple act of looking left not right on an occasion, you clearly looked in the right direction those many years ago.

    Don’t worry about being “ that guy “ on the trip. The one marked for jerkdom for life from the second grade for having dropped his lunch tray. The point is to pick out “ that guy “ early on and get the others to agree.

  2. Richard McCutcheon

    Congratulations on 40 impressive of marital bliss! I hope your celebration of this monumental occasion is all you expect it to be!? Soap and all!
    Knowing the author usually prefers his adventures to come from the dog eared pages of leather bound tomes, enhanced by ice melting in old scotch, it will surely be the source of more enlightened missives.
    So proud of you two.
    Enjoy the journey!!

  3. Sue Garrett

    Wishing you and your beloved congratulations on your 40 yrs. of marriage! Oh yes, I certainly had a few giggles while reading your note! Enjoy your journey !

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