And Then There Was Golf

“And the winds will say, ‘ They were a decent, godless people.  Their only monument the asphalt road and a thousand lost golf balls.”     Can’t remember who first wrote that, but Tom will! Just home from our annual summer golf outing with my high school friends.  There are six of us who actually … [Read more…]

The Sailing Life – AI

Having recently counted the days and being particularly gifted in math I have determined that  well over a year of retirement has elapsed. It has gone too quickly. Liken it to a shooting star in that you see it but it’s gone so fast that you aren’t sure it actually happened. During the course of … [Read more…]

Sounds of summer passing

Ah summer, how we love thee.  The afternoon drone of the cicadas is now transitioning into the riotous nighttime rampage of the male katydids suggesting that summer is past it’s prime. Should have called them katydon’ts! A deafening warning attempting to drive us inside before that one mosquito which has been laying in wait all … [Read more…]

End of July

……………..There was something I wanted to say……….?  Maybe if I sit here long enough it will come to me……….Nope. After avoiding it for years, I recently joined Instagram and Susan enrolled me in Face book.  Now I get many e-mails and requests to be friends with hundreds, and that’s not a misprint, yes hundreds of … [Read more…]