It’s Always Noon

We wake these days at whatever time daylight disrupts our slumber. On my days I stagger to the kitchen to initiate the daily caffeine dosing ritual, check to see if I’m wearing shorts then look both ways before venturing to the curb to retrieve our paper in the hope of avoiding cheerful human interaction with … [Read more…]

The Doldrums

Greetings to all of you who are enjoying your personal space and time alone with yourselves. In consideration of the notion that some of you might be getting bored in confinement it occurred to me that hey, I can contribute to that! So if you can tear yourselves away from that great American novel that … [Read more…]

Happy Days

Welcome back to days we shall remember. Between the coronavirus, a plunging stock market and a political maelstrom in Washington we can look back fondly on the tumultuous sixties of our youth as an era of relative stability. There seems to be a shortage of happy news out there so let’s all go to our … [Read more…]

A Thanksgiving Hello

Bonjour mes amigos! Yes – multilingual! I’m currently on leave from the United Nations. It’s startling that they would let me go at a time of nearly global rebellion as one country after another pursues democratic reform against ubiquitous dictatorial and fundamentalist religious regimes. Yet here I am out amongst the general population spreading good … [Read more…]

The Lost Coast Trail

Hi-dee-ho! “Rise free from care before the dawn and seek adventure. Let the noon find thee by other shores and the night overtake thee everywhere at home.” That pretty much sums it up……… but there is the off-chance that a certain party could add more. It was a great, once in a lifetime adventure – … [Read more…]

Skin in the Game

” We are all of us, obliged, if we are to make reality endurable, to nurse a few follies in ourselves.” Proust – Within a Budding Grove It is good fortune that has set me on meanderings where folly is often directly in my path and thus permits the full enjoyment of a most endurable … [Read more…]

New Life

Greetings my far flung friends. Rumors are that the glaciers are finally receding in Ithaca much to the dismay of the polar bears that have relocated to the northern end of the lake. Turns out that the weather patterns many have been blaming on global warming really relate to the shifting of the magnetic poles … [Read more…]

Glorious Spring

Whoa………my friends. Stop the clock – the days escape us. The weeks pass. The years… We look in the mirror and somehow see the same unchanging face everyday. Life is very good until that moment when some well intentioned yet mindless, soulless entity snaps a photograph and worse yet shares it with us and in … [Read more…]

Alligator Shoes

Greetings my fellow wanderers as we stumble down this slippery, bumpy, winding path called life. Today is a tale of woe – mostly. It all began shortly before Christmas – another topic to which you may eventually be exposed. For now let’s turn back to a week or two before the holidays when I was … [Read more…]