France lX

14 Sept 2016 Bon jour mes amis, We have had very full, fun days which have left little computer time. I’m more than a little disappointed that while I’m out of the country you’ve allowed the stock market to go to hell in a hand basket! Coming home tomorrow so will try to straighten things … [Read more…]

France Vlll

10 Sept 2016 What do you call a cow thats got no legs?………………….Ground beef. Ohhhh…it could be a good day! Yesterday we hiked from Thollon les Memises, where we live, down about two hours on a switchback trail through field, forest and village to the shore of Lake Geneva and ended up at Locum, an … [Read more…]

France Vll

10 Sept 2016 Great Day Hiked down and up a mountain. ate too much, drank too much……………too tired to think. Bad influences abound, but happy! More to come. Jim

France Vl

8 Sept 2016 Ah Mes Amis, Today was another day on the roadways so we ventured forth with courage up and “balls to the wall”, as my dear friends from our Iceland days will fondly remember from our foray into the Scottish countryside . Days of dodging lorries on one side, stone walls on the … [Read more…]

France V

7 Sept 2016 Un autre jour au paradis! Have been keeping rather late hours and Susan let me sleep in until after 9:00 this AM which may have happened only one other time in about 40 years. There is no better way to get up late and enjoy a cup of coffee than to open … [Read more…]

France lV

6 Sept 2016 A quiet day. Rose at a reasonable hour and watched the fog devour the lake. After moving as slowly as I could we got out the door and headed for Evian les Bains. For those you who don’t know, this is the home of the famous bottled water. It is also home … [Read more…]

France lll

Ce matin, il pleut! Mon 9/5/2016 Awoke to pouring rain and a loss of power in the night. This gave me an opportunity to do a little housekeeping. Firstly, if that is a word, thank you all for your encouragement. All of my adult life I have kept a journal. Although sometimes days and weeks … [Read more…]

France II

Bonsoir Mes Amis, Much happens in the long days of the idle. When I left off we had hiked down a fairly steep mountain but at the end we came to an idyllic, flower filled alpine meadow, the tinkling of cow bells resonating from the hills above, and Susan skipping on ahead singing show tunes … [Read more…]

Pre-Blog posts from France 1

Bonjour all, Have been in country for a little over 36 hours now. We arrived around 7:00 AM which is 1:00 AM our time so not at at our sharpest hour, which is lately becoming harder to define even under normal conditions. Having arrived without Euros, our first adventure was making sure our ATM card … [Read more…]