Just another Tuesday. Which is a lot like Wednesday. Which precedes Thursday –  traditionally my day off.  Friday is reserved for all those creative, productive, constructive activities that can be a real torment if not managed properly.  Pacing is important also because we are coming into the weekend and want to be well rested. There … [Read more…]

The Sedentary Life

Much to my dismay, we do not lead a sedentary life.  I house a vision of such an existence but it appears to be some ephemeral, synaptic event just beyond the peripheral outreaches of reality….at least for now.  Since retirement, which unbelievably occurred just over two entirely nonproductive years ago, Susan and I have travelled … [Read more…]

Unchained and unhinged

Unchained or perhaps unhinged. Just six weeks ago  we arrived here after a 16 hour trip in a race against those delivering our furniture. We won and so the next chapter begins.  We have many new friends, if that is the word .  They are friends but not in the sense of those we have … [Read more…]


Dear Jane M, I’m  sorry I missed your comment on my last blog and wish now to respond to your query as to the exact location of Florence Point. It may be difficult to locate on a map but once one ventures beyond the  nether-reaches of southern Georgia and enters the land of the geriatric, … [Read more…]

Florence Point

Florence Point.  Has a touch of the archaic in it.  Sounds like a place where old people may assemble when the world has long forgotten them.  “Florence”, not a name you hear  much anymore.  If we check birth registries I bet no child has been burdened with that moniker in the last 100 years. If … [Read more…]

Well ………..

Well…………..after all these weeks we’re still on the road, still dependent on the kindness and generosity of strangers and in some cases the not so strange. But there is progress.  We have not yet eliminated world hunger as we’d hoped but have traveled far and wide, and near and long, thus eliminating many of those … [Read more…]

On the move

Three months in each of our lives have elapsed since last I shared  tales from the far side.  Much has happened not only in our household but in each of yours as well.  Ponder your past. Embellish it, expand upon it, cherish it, create great memories of deeds done, victories gained and unparalleled acts of … [Read more…]

Still on the loose in NYC

I’m back!  Perhaps you have not had time to appreciate my absence but much happens in the city that you all need to know about.  It’s 6:00 AM Sunday with a beautiful red sunrise creeping across the East River directly into our room ( eyes) .  We’re sitting in bed in our bedroom which  will … [Read more…]

A day or more in NYC

Today we descended deep into the bowels of mid-town Manhattan to take the #7 subway-line across town.  It was hot down there, close to the earth’s core I imagined, and crowded. The throngs –  frowning, uncommunicative, tightly bunched together, all clutching their glowing rectangles waited while the platform shuddered, signifying a train in motion- somewhere – … [Read more…]


One might now consider us New Yorkers in the broadest interpretation of that assignation having resided here for less than two non-continuous weeks.  Our month in the city evolved into only three weeks due to forces within our control however  not necessarily within the parameters of particularly good judgement. But we are now here for … [Read more…]