Just another Tuesday.

Which is a lot like Wednesday. Which precedes Thursday –  traditionally my day off.  Friday is reserved for all those creative, productive, constructive activities that can be a real torment if not managed properly.  Pacing is important also because we are coming into the weekend and want to be well rested.

There are magnificent clouds in our part of Florida and I devote much of my time to studying them, something that can be done in the position in which you find me above. Careful observation has led me to the observation that I observed one afternoon prior to dozing off; that being the observation that the clouds  are more and more hanging lower that they did in the past.  Careful reflection led me to the obvious explanation that centers around the fact that we are storing so much in “the cloud” these days – and it is destined to become worse.  If someone tells you your head is in the clouds or you feel like you’re in a fog it is probably no longer a figure of speech – the clouds are that low!  Jane Richards posted a photo on Facebook a few days ago of a spectacular sunset with incredibly colorful – low- clouds much like we have the pleasure of witnessing here regularly. These clouds, bursting with color, are where most of us have now stored our photos that we will never look at again.   Photos of family, travel and of course -sunsets! I have the pleasure of being able to gaze across the marsh and river to the mainland, when I’m not too busy, and can see in the distance dark, low hanging clouds over Jacksonville releasing (leaking) a deluge of what one can only assume are social security numbers and sensitive personal and financial info all along the seaboard.  Earlier in June I witnessed a particularly menacing cloud bank participating in what I am pretty sure was Macy’s big data breach. Your credit card numbers were dropping like hailstones!  Along with info on all your latest purchases!  There is one very dark, very heavy cloud I have been watching which refuses to drop anything; and to the best of my knowledge – which is a short chapter in itself – holds Hillary’s e-mails and Donald’s tax returns.  Be forewarned, the clouds are being over worked and will seek their revenge.

Does anyone else have trouble with the helpful self correcting feature on their “mobile devise”.  I’ll come back to that but oddly  we all know what I meant by that statement even though just about anything could be a mobile devise.  A hammer, hearing aid, bicycle, can opener, airplane, toothbrush and on and on. But to return to what got this started, my “mobil devise” always self corrects my name for me.  Helpful, yes?  I type Jim and it corrects it to Kim.  I type Jim a second time and it corrects to Jum and sometimes Sum.  Rather than get in an argument with artificial intelligence and so that I’m not mistaken for my sister in law, Kim, I’ve decided to just go with Jum from now on.  As a bonus the IRS will never find me now!

You might wonder what we do with our time. Actually you should have more important things to do but thanks for your concern. Well…………..we don’t stay here much.  No need to bore youth the details but we put 5000 miles on our car in just over three weeks.  This is a good thing because when we are here craziness sets in over the fact that we can’t quite get this house remodeling process going.  When we get crazy we get busy and since the house is going to be taken apart eventually we’ve started to nibble at the edges. I’ve removed probably 300 yards of old cable from the house as well as all the hurricane shutter hardware – now all those spots need paint.  The shutters were pretty unwieldy and we figure if the hurricane season is bad this year we’ll just open the doors and rebuild with insurance money!  Our deck is self destructing so I’ve started to help it along.  None of these are positive cosmetic changes.  Susan, as you all know, needs to be busy in the worst way – interpret that as you will- and has been working inside mastering  popcorn ceiling  and wall paper removal.  Ever zealous, as is her nature, she goes beyond the call and removes just a little bit of drywall in fairly regularly spaced divots leaving dangling little tags of drywall paper.  Nothing that can’t be rectified by a drywall artist, whom we’ve yet to engage, but for the time being, instead of a popcorn ceiling in the loft area we now have a ceiling with a fringe. The house is also built on a slab; so out of curiosity we tore up the carpet to see what was underneath. Guess what………… concrete!  Life is full of surprises!  So now it’s looking pretty nice.  On a more positive note, since we can’t do much on the inside yet we went ahead with the pool installation.


One of the 5000 mile trips which I wasn’t going to mention involved a visit to Cameron in Memphis. He recently fell on his dog requiring hip surgery and six weeks in a crate for Obi, so Cam will be hounded by that for a while!  But to keep himself busy he is building a CNC machine in his basement.


I mean, who wouldn’t?  Makes me think of how that whole Frankenstein thing got started.


Until next time,  stay out of the clouds!






  1. jmccutch

    To my readers.
    I apologize for the several typos and misspelling of the word “device” at least three times. Rather blatant when I reread it this AM. Grumpa usually writes these blogs in the wee hours of the morning when most of the western world sleeps. Waiting until the following morning to edit with a clear eye would be wise. But if I reread this drivel with that clear eye, I would probably never hit the “publish” key. I also apologize to Obie for shortening his name to Obi. He probably won’t read this anyway, although lying around in his crate all day he has little else to do!

  2. Tom colbert


    I see Susan and you stepped up for the three ring pool when most would have been satisfied with the two ring version. I’m afraid you two are living like it’s the last days of Rome down there.

    What’s next ? Your own CNC machine ? Which I gather is a computer operated saw.


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