For many of you within a certain range of birth years,  the word “Limbo” stirs up long ago archived memories of waking up with bruised elbows and preferably undocumented remembrances of the prior evening attempts at trying to bounce, leaning backwards under a broomstick held by well intoxicated friends to the accompaniment of a loud Caribbean vibe and the certainty that imbibition beyond the “legal limit” had been a real and determining factor.  This, of course is better than the many mornings when you remembered nothing.  Odd though…….isn’t it?  Going out thirty and in some cases forty years now, that is    the morning we remember rather than those normal days when we just got up and went to class.  We may yet need to do some research on this but alcohol may be a memory enhancing drug. At least many memories, however inaccurate, have been created where alcohol was a factor!

However……an actual definition for “limbo”, and there are many, is : An uncertain situation that you cannot control and in which there is no progress and nothing happens.

This is the limbo in which we find ourselves.  Waiting for architects, engineers, contractors and even barristas to free their busy schedules.  Things are beginning to happen but progress is slow – like a snail’s pace which for you non-zoologists out there is still faster than grass grows.

While we wait, we exercise a lot. To the point where we have to eat and drink more and more to keep from looking too fit.  The other thing we do is save the world.  If you just read the news you probably haven’t noticed what a great job we’re doing.  Every week we go out and pick up all the plastic and garbage on the beach.  It’s amazing.  All the stuff we pick up is what breaks down and sea turtles, sea birds and the fish and ultimately we  are ingesting.  There are some good finds though.  Just this week I snagged a Ken doll with no head and Susan got her first condom.  We also go to coffee shops and restaurants and give them a hard time about using plastic straws and plastic cups and selling bottled water. It’s fun to be a hypocrite on such high moral ground because we sure don’t tell them to take the plastic off of all their air conditioning wires!

Lots of articles lately about the changing environment, dying seas and diminishing forests.  Deny it if you must but I’m afraid it’s happening and it makes me sad.  I’ve really loved living with the lakes and forests and shorelines that I’ve been able to spend time in and around.   I’d really like my grandkids to be able to see what I’ve seen. So we do what we can which is avoid plastic as much as possible and pick it up when we see it.  ——Good News—– and this is true!  Another beach “picker” just located Ken’s head!  What a great day for the world!

Another thing that really concerns me is ice melt and the rising sea level.  It would bother you too if every day you looked out the back door and saw high tide about ten feet below your home’s foundation. I really like it here so I’ve developed a four point action plan that will require some pretty remarkable advances in scientific research and a lot of individual participation.

  1.  The first is easy.  We’ve got to go solar and stop throwing all that CO2 out there.  But many people won’t do that so I’ll settle for as many as I can get.
  2. Second. This is where my son and my recently retired engineering friends come in.  We need to attach carbon collection units to every vehicle so that everyone can keep on driving their gas guzzlers.  This will also keep the Oil industry happy.  Then we take the carbon and a dishwasher sized garage unit that pressurizes all that carbon into diamonds.  Voila!  The big car AND jewels for our lady friends! So the more carbon you collect,  the bigger the diamonds and the richer my son and engineering  friends become!  We might even end up with a carbon shortage.  The trees, if there are any left, will be begging for it
  3. Third and this is also an easy one.  It’s about the warming oceans. Yes they keep hitting us over the head with this one.  But how hard would it be if everyone who had ocean front property around the world as well as anyone who even lived nearby, as we do, just dumped one tray of ice cubes in the water every day.  I bet in about one month we could skate from here to France!  We’d have polar bears off the coast of North Carolina and penguins for lunch.
  4. My last and very personal part of the action plan has to do with remodeling our house.  I am going to build our kitchen island like a floating dock so come the climatic apocalypse we can comfortably sip our coffee or Pinot Noir somewhere above the water line.

These ideas are offered from the think tank that I happen to chair and of which I am chief advisor and Idea Guy.  For more solutions to unsolvable world problems got to   www.ithink.not!

The world is a messy place.  ( I won’t keep you much longer but I’m just waiting for our ice machine to finish).  I know the world is a messy place full of fake news because there are a lot of Youcraniens ( spelling is meant to deceive the “watchers”) and people from England who are wannabe Youcraniens that are constantly trying to break in to my website and use my platform as their voice. Probably 40 to 80 attacks per month which is funny because I only have seven followers!  They should spend more time doing their homework.

Sounds like steel drums somewhere in the distance and a sudden craving for rum punch. Guess I’ve got to go.  Remember –  walk, ride your bike avoid plastic.  You might think we’re silly but just be thankful that Susan’s treasure won’t be in your next grouper sandwich!

Susan, where’s that broom?


  1. Tom colbert


    You’ve got it all wrong. Having entered the land of no work and all play you should be playing golf, not worried about the carcinogens in the fertilizer being applied by the grounds crew and whether they are paid a sustainable wage. But once an Ithacan always an Ithacan. As for Ken; he was a real jerk and there’s not a court in the land that will convict Barby.


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