7 March 2017

“Science can never grapple with the irrational. That is why it has no future before it, in this world.”  Oscar Wilde

There is a lot more science now than there was when Oscar wrote that,  but irrationality seems to have no trouble keeping pace!

When last I cluttered your in-box with news from the front, we were preparing for a long take-off from a short runway in Key west.  As luck would have it,  after jettisoning a plane load of one of a kind, Key West keepsakes, we cleared the tree tops leaving most of the coconuts nestled in their palms and enjoyed the celebratory wingover which the captain admitted was his first attempt in that particular aircraft.  Bravo!! All good except for the drink carts.  That must be what they meant when they said “The drinks are on us!”

“Walkin in Memphis” again,  just long enough to refuel, repack and reroute our trip north.  Cam took us to a local park with a playground.  Check out the big kid.


Turns out I didn’t need grandchildren after all!  We also got turned away from a music venue on Beale Street because my child bride didn’t have proof of age!

Cameron told us that since we were headed in some direction anyway we should visit a place called the Red River Canyon in Kentucky.  There they have tree houses that you can stay in like in a hotel – well almost like a hotel.  Thanks to Susan’s exceptional telephone skills we were able to secure a tree for the night.  Pretty amazing structures and we were lucky to have unseasonably warm weather. On that night last year the Ranger said it was -22F.


Tree house coffee!

We had a warm night, a sandwich, peanuts , a bottle of wine and a fire at the base of our tree.  A fine Kentucky evening.         From there we drove home amidst a good deal of kicking and screaming and stopping a lot since I really want to be where it’s warm.

BUT……..we’ve been home for about our two week limit and the weather has been unseasonably warm which really cuts down on the amount of things I have to complain about, which are ZERO!  I can only vaguely account for the time that has elapsed but there must have been frequent flyer miles roaming about aimlessly in our account because we’re off to Reno tomorrow to visit this!

Apparently not the warm destination I was thinking of.  Maybe I can borrow his hat!


OK….What do you call a short guy in a pointy hat who wanders back and forth across the city?

……….A metro  gnome!!          ( Uncontrollable laughter now commences!)

Talk to you soon.

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