23 Oct 2016

I’m back, and must admit I’ve sort of missed you.

A thing to ponder today:  ” Fun is about as good a habit as there is……..”  Jimmy Buffet

That would be good to paste on the mirror as a reminder every morning.  Now that I’m retired and getting the hang of it, time seems even more valuable than when I didn’t have as much on my hands.  When I gaze in that mirror, all becomes clear and I think “Hey fella, you don’t have as many good days left as you once thought you would!” So we’ve really been jamming things in for about six month now which ironically makes time pass even more rapidly.

Got back from Reno last Saturday at about 5:30 PM and hung around the Syracuse airport drinking McDonalds senior coffee for two hours waiting for Cameron and his girlfriend, Kelsey, to arrive on another flight.  Yes, Kelsey, a name very similar if not identical to that of his sister.  A psychiatrist would have fun analyzing why my sons found women whose names match those of their mother and sister.  Probably a conscious decision to keep things simple for their father.

They were here only briefly, departing on Tuesday evening, but Cam managed to show her a lot of Ithaca and the surrounding area in a very short time. They also arrived for our two most colorful leaf days. It was wonderful to spend a little time with them and so rejuvenating to bask in the aura of  energetic, optimistic, engaged young minds. Rejuvenating except for the fact that Susan and I have slept long and hard since they left.  It’s possible that our pace of the last few months has caught up with us. We even slept through our 6:00 AM Body Pump classes on Wed and Fri.   Unfortunately there is also a class at 11:00AM with a very challenging instructor and  when I don’t do this for two weeks it’s like starting all over again.  To add insult to injury to misery I was stationed right behind two young, attractive amazons who were throwing around at least twice as much weight as I was.  There are some scary-strong, very fit and not muscle bound young ladies out there.  Donald Trump would end up in a hail storm if he said that! And I mean an incredible hailstorm, probably the best hailstorm there ever was because he loves women, nobody loves women like he does — just ask a woman!!……          ……..I really don’t know where all that just came from.

So we are home with no fixed destinations on our agenda.  No airline reservations—-that I know of.  Finally time to get around to all those things I’ve been wanting to do around the house.  It’s a long list so we got started …….and it sucks!  I think I’ll go pack my suitcase and warm up the Prius.

So that’s a whole lot of nothing to think about.

What animal keeps the best time?……………………..A watch dog!

Ha! Now if that isn’t fun I don’t know what is!  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Until then

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