11 Oct

Have been attempting to familiarize myself with the behind the scene machinations of a web site.  I’m quite sure that there is nothing complicated about it but I do not find any keystroke command remotely intuitive.  As I write I can hear the distant rumble of laughter from Cam, Gavin, my niece Caliegh, Amit and any anyone else who has shared time in front of a monitor with me.  When I see the choice “Browse”, it used to mean I could go into a store look around and escape without opening my wallet.  I now envision a menu of choices each of which will task me with yet another  decision, the consequences of which I fear to fathom.  The “Enter ” command is even worse. “Enter,” to me, means forever leave the world you know, set a course you did not care to choose and from which there is no return.  I don’t go near – tags, plugins, tools and above all SETTINGS!
Thank you to Jeb who has an uncanny knack for probing  the depths of the web to discover facts unknown.  Most recently unearthing the formal definition of “Grumpa.”
In his words:
Having never heard the term “Grumpa” I checked it out on Google:
A grumpy grandpa who always insists that the world was better when he was a kid, and that we’re doomed now because (terroists/running out of coal and oil/people becoming stupid). However, the term is affectionate.
 On the left is me explaining this to Kieran.
On the right was Kieran’s world view before we had this conversation.
 Below is my Florida grandson, Jameson.
I have yet to have “The Conversation” with him.  But as you can well imagine, being a Bill’s fan at any age             requires an optimistic, however unreasonable, world view !
Scott, I am flattered that you would compare (or contrast) me with the fellow in the Dos Equis ads and would love to share the accompanying image but fear censorship following only two posts.
I will leave you now to your busy lives.  For me – It’s four o’clock somewhere!

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