A New Year

Well my friends it has happened again. While we were busy – or not so busy – doing what we do, the seasons have changed and one more year of unsurpassed accomplishment has faded into western skies.

The media would have you think that this was a horrible year. Au contraire my fellow travelers, who could not travel, we have saved a bundle on restaurants and airfare but more importantly it was a time when Jupiter and Saturn could get together after a long separation and, from what I witnessed on a very clear Florida night, cast aside all recommendations of social distancing, much to the dismay of poor Tony Fauci. It was a year when we could fully grasp the magnitude of the volume of bad movies produced. Undaunted, I watched most of them in entirety, through their final credits while Susan, faithful to the end, snored gently by my side. It was an NFL season during which we could watch a game almost any night of the week. A year of cell phone solitaire, bed time sudoku and lounging in bed with the morning paper and coffee until the bedsores became bothersome. A year of running many miles, emptying many wine bottles, strolling the golf course at dusk, splashing a great deal of paint on canvas and enjoying brilliant sunsets.

Do we feel older? Sometimes yes, but not always. As I write, Susan is in the loft playing with Legos. Supposedly she gets them out for our grandson……… but he went home yesterday. Hmm? High hopes for a second childhood!

So putting much of 2020 behind us we can rise free from care before the dawn and get on with living each new day of 2021 in search of that adventure we once so loved. We can free ourselves of the daily chore of doomscrolling and re-establish some cadence in our lives so that every day is not another blursday.

Yes. Lofty ambitions but it is a time of new beginnings.

I sincerely wish you all a happy and above all healthy new year……and new beginnings.

From high on the Grump Stump.

P.S. If you go to to ” Paintings” at the top of the page above my picture I have added a few new ones but you have to scroll down through the old ones to get to them.


  1. Richard McCutcheon

    Happy New Year!!
    May this one be filled with journeys much farther than the refrigerator and the TV remote!! Perhaps, as far as Ithaca?! You can paint empty campus’s and crowded waterfalls!!
    I’ll have the wine chilled and the glasses at the ready!
    PS – Don’t forget to wear a mask, quarantine for 10 days, get tested before and after arrival, and stay 6 feet away from my scotch!!😉

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