I had a request to put my paintings up where anyone interested could see how I’ve been filling my idle time. It took a bit of courage but here they are.

If you look above my picture on my web-site page on the left hand side you will see the word Paintings. Click on that and you can’t miss them. Be kind!


  1. rcfaull

    Thanks Jim. They are all amazing. It is hard to believe you learned and did all those paintings in just 16 months. Keep up the great work so we can all enjoy it.

  2. Hi Jim – Thank you for sharing….Very special experiencing your burgeoning gallery. Even better that you’re deriving such enjoyment doing them. The diversity (portrait, still life, abstract, street scenes, sea scapes, etc) is amazing. Tremendous versatility. And, how about the grandchildren portraits…How special are they? Keep us updated as new ones emerge. BTW…The unnamed abstract – how did you know if it is right side up, or upside down?

  3. tomc

    “ These works appear to be attributable to McCutcheon in what is commonly called his early Florida period. Showing great growth ( note : outlining and numbers indicating corresponding colors to use no longer visible ) , they portend the masterworks to come. His earlier career as an exacting dentist can be seen in the quality of these early paintings “.

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