End of July

……………..There was something I wanted to say……….?  Maybe if I sit here long enough it will come to me……….Nope.

After avoiding it for years, I recently joined Instagram and Susan enrolled me in Face book.  Now I get many e-mails and requests to be friends with hundreds, and that’s not a misprint, yes hundreds of people I’ve never heard of.  I try to be a fairly friendly guy but I’m pretty sure if these people got to know me they wouldn’t be in such a hurry to be one of my pals.  Since I need about all the friends I can get, at least according to those close to me, I’m not going to post much about my own sorry existence but will continue to wallow in the delusion that suddenly I’m the guy everyone wants to have as a friend!  Had a conversation the other day with two guys who I do consider friends, and I suspect that’s the truth because they haven’t asked to be my friend yet, which circles back to that earlier thought I had about people who actually know me. Moving on.  Our conversation about Face Book revolved around the idea that most of what is posted are the happiest, high points of everyone’s day or weekend or life leaving all followers feeling that something is missing in their own dreary, desperate, depressing lives.  I certainly don’t want to go down that road so will gear it back a little and tell you that I’m just having a ball!  Life is everything I dreamed it could be and I feel like I’m living in a movie.  Yes, it’s that good!  But….No one will know because my children tell me that by the time people like me sign up for these social media sites the party is over –  no one goes there anymore.  They also suggested I get an AOL account!  Speaking of parties and America, I read the paper this morning and wondered just how that “Make America Great Again” party was going?  Read about as much as I could and then went to the pool and tried to drown myself.  Turns out I’m a floater.  Oh well, it was a great scene in my movie. Especially with the water wings.

So what started out as the end of July has morphed into the beginning of August and the days are clicking by swiftly and beautifully here in the heart of the finger lakes.  If you’ve suffered the grave misfortune of following any of my other blog posts you may have noticed that we’re on the road a bit and have had the occasion to view many our nations highways and byways and a whole lotta road kill.  Much of the time we are lost which is okay because we’ve forgotten where it was we wanted to be!  The point is that with all we’ve seen, most of which we can’t remember,  it’s hard to beat the place we call home in the summer. I don’t think there is a nicer place. Last weekend we decided to visit Rob and Kim in Batavia. They’re selling their house and everything in it, leaving their jobs behind and hitting the open road to see what’s out there.  What is out there??  Traffic!!!  Anyway, after about 100 trips to Batavia and back this winter and spring I needed an alternate route so we meandered back roads between the lakes stopping for coffee, stopping for ice cream, just stopping…… and enjoying the most beautiful scenery on traffic free roads.  There were vistas like you would encounter in Tuscany,  expansive vineyards like you might gaze across in France, fields of sunflowers and enough green, rolling hills of weed free corn to feed the world corn flakes for the next millennium.  It was a feast for one’s eyes on a clear, pristine summer day, and a scene right out of my movie, clearly a route that should be a NYS scenic drive.  However, I will not disclose the route we took………….I like it the way it is…………….and I can’t remember how we got there.  But it’s worth searching for, and along the way, don’t forget to stop for ice cream.

Whatever I sat down to say never came to me. Much has happened this summer which has not been reported that I hope to cover in future communications.  It all goes so fast!

In my movie I spend much of my time getting in and out of the pool which I’m going to do right now while I await the Oscar nomination.

Thought for the day:  If peanut butter cookies are made out of peanut butter, what are Girl Scout cookies made of…….?

Until I Grump again!

The Lone Grumpster

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  1. Tom Colbert

    In the words of our favorite philosopher Dr. Pangloss , we do truly live in the best of all possible worlds ( summers that is ). This contrary to the wisdom of our current president who earlier this week suggested all who live in “upper New York” leave quickly enmasse. Perhaps if I took him to my favorite ice cream stand over looking rolling fields and lake he might get it. Likely not.

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