30 October 2016

30 Oct 2016

Ah!  Just when I thought we would be home for a while it seemed like a good time to go to Maine.  We’ve been ruminating about going for most of the summer and fall but things just kept getting in the way.  So now that the weather is getting miserable in Ithaca we decided to go where it would probably be worse.  And indeed, there is snow in them darned hills! We’re trying to take our drives in smaller bites these days so our first stop was at The Inn at the Long Trail in Killington, Vermont.  Within the Inn is McGrath’s Irish Pub, frequently frequented by Rob and Kim  while they and their children traversed the many mountain trails that pass through there and on to parts unknown, in truth, some are known.  For the sheltered few I will share the fact that Irish Pubs often have live music; and we arrived on a Friday  evening when such was the case.  As luck would have it it was a band of some reknown from Utica so we were encouraged to get to the pub early to get good seats.  Ever obedient, we arrived at the pub at 6:00 for the 7:30 opening of the Blarney Rebel Irish Band.  We managed to secure a front row table and had the world at our finger tips.  We also had an hour and a half of drinking to do before the music even started! At least we have had a modicum of experience under similar circumstances.  The band was all it was cracked up to be. Great music, talented musicians, funny and entertaining.  They did, however, encourage audience participation, so as the evening progressed they invited all the ladies in the audience to come to the stage to sing and dance with them.  We’re in the front row so Susan could hardly side step this generous invitation and not so gentle prodding.  Timid at first she was, but once on the stage she pulled out disco moves that I never realized she had. A bit awkward, yes……..since this was Irish folk music!  But we must all answer to the Muse that guides us!  Travel Tip:  Choose your muse wisely!

We stayed until the music stopped around 11:30…..  So how do you know when you’ve stayed at the party too long?  When you come down to breakfast in the morning and the band asks you to join them at their table…..so we did!  An entertaining lot they were. Three of them Irish-Italian brothers.

The time came to begin our meander ( Did you know the word meander comes from the name of a river in Turkey which winds and wanders on it’s course?)  across Vermont and New Hampshire to our destination at Rangeley Lake, Maine.  There was snow scattered around but the roads were good with only drizzle in the grey air and yet all still beautiful with the foliage colorful but now well past it’s prime.  I hesitate to think of things past their prime!  I always love the peaceful feeling of nature at this time each year as the trees put the earth to rest under that colorful quilt of orange, red and gold.  The quiet in the woods, most of the birds gone, a time for nature to sleep and renew itself for the great energy required to burst into new growth each spring. Very peaceful and crying out for a warm fire, a drink and a good book. A time for us to renew as well.  Whoops – I got a little serious there- it should pass.

I will return with more news from the front but the trip was fun;  wide roads compared to France and no traffic! As Bob Dylan would say   ” Anyone with any sense had already left town!”  Some of you will know the tune! It was  a true “meander.” There is no direct road to anywhere in this neck of the woods.  We did arrive at Rangeley Lake and checked in to the Rangeley Inn, probably the same establishment in which Susan’s mother spent her honeymoon in 1948!  I hope I have as good a time!

What is a cat’s favorite song? …………………..”Three Blind Mice!”

Sorry, couldn’t just say good bye.

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